The Benati Law Firm operates mainly in the field of civil law (inheritance e donations, obligations and contracts, real and personal guarantees, property and rights in rem, leases and eviction proceeding, community and condominium, protection of rights, road accident study and family law), a branch of law which is faced both in terms of the contractual aspect and the contentious one (judicial and extrajudicial).

Over the years, the law firm has been trying to develope its propensity towards the foreign markets, particularly focusing its attention towards the german-speaking countries (Austria and Germany), as well as, most recently, towards the Balkan area starting with the opening of a new branch in Tirana.
Consistently with this aim, the law firm avails itself of important collaborations such as with the Notarial Law Firm Knöbel & Kollegen located in Frankfurt, Germany, as well as with the International Law Firm Saccucci Fares & Partners in Rome.

The members of the law firm are thus able and in the position to make their knowledge and experience available to firms or private individuals, providing contractual assistance and also assisting them in their entrepreneurial plans, without omitting the debt recovery, both at a national and international level.

Furthermore, Avv. Benati Andrea is a Mediator and has long been engaged in the promotion and adoption of alternative dispute resolution methods.