Avv. ANDREA BENATI, graduated in Law at the University of Trento.
He has been registered at the Lawyers Society of the Verona law-court since 24th november 2003. Following the experience he gained in some of the most important law firms of Verona, he currently carries out his own legal activity in civil law field, both in the judicial and extrajudicial area, dealing particularly with debt recovery at both a national and international level, lease, family and inheritance law, contracts and studies of industrial accidents.
He is also registered in the directory of Mediators of the forensic organization of Mediators of Verona and member of the forensic Arbitration of Verona.
He has a good mastery of the english and german language.

Verona office

Avv. Eugenio Bonetti

Avv. Eugenio Bonetti graduated in Law at the University of Verona on 25th october 2011.
Since January 2015 he has been registered at the special apprentice attorney register with qualification to defense at the Verona law-court. He carries out his activity in the civil law area supporting the attorneys of the law firm in the different practice areas they are engaged in, taking therefore care of family law, successions, contracts, compensation for damages and debt recovery.

Dott.ssa Tiziana Guglielmello

Dr. Tiziana Guglielmello graduated in law from the University of Salerno. He has collaborated with several law firms, gaining skills in civil law, banking law and debt collection, administrative law and procurement.
For almost a decade, it has also carried out business activities in sectors with a high density of knowledge, with direct assumption of operational responsibilities.
This experience has allowed the refinement of know-how relating to the entire procurement process, completing specific legal skills with a pragmatic, goal-oriented approach.
He has an adequate command of the English language.

Avv. Adrian Hila

Avv. Adrian Hila has graduated in law from the University of Verona. Since 2017 he is member of the Bar Association of Verona and deals with both civil and criminal law issues. In 2016 he obtained from the University of Verona the Ph.D. degree in Italian and European Constitutional Law, with a research focus on the implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in the Western Balkans and in particular in Albania, North Macedonia and Montenegro.
During his academic experience, Avv. Hila was also a member of the Examination commissions in Constitutional Law and Comparative Constitutional Law at the faculties of law and economics of the same university.
Avv. Hila has an excellent knowledge of the Italian language and a good knowledge of the English language.

Tirana office - Albania

Dott.ssa Matilda Merxhani

Dott.ssa Matilda Merxhani graduated in English Language and Literature at the University of Rome ``La Sapienza``. She also earned a Master’s degree in “Public Administration`` at the Economic Faculty of the European University of Tirana.
After these relevant academic experiences and several years spent being in charge of leadership positions in the italian private sector, she decided to make the best out of the professional abilities gained in her country of origin. She therefore held the position of General Manager Projects and Economics Cooperation of the Minister for Economic Affairs, Commerce and Energy and also working as General Manager for mostly italian as well as for foreign companies.
Dott.ssa Merxhani has an outstanding experience in monitoring and management of concession agreements in the energy industry, as well as the managing of activities for economic and commercial cooperation; in addition she is skilled to take the best care and assistance of foreign investors interested in the albanian market. She has a very good mastery of the english and italian language.

L’Avv. Mikel Gega

The Lawyer. Mikel Gega holds a master's degree in law from the University of Verona. Since 2013 he has been registered with the Tirana Bar Association (Albania) and mainly deals with civil and commercial law.
From 2007 to 2012 he worked at the legal office of the company Berner S.p.A dealing with commercial law and labor law.
The Lawyer. Mikel Gega, an Albanian mother tongue, has an excellent knowledge of the Italian language and a good knowledge of the English language.

Avv. Denis Xhelili

The Lawyer. Denis Xhelili graduated in law from the University of Trento. Since 2012 he has been enrolled in the Register of the Tirana Bar Association (Albania) where he practices and deals with administrative law, commercial / corporate law, civil law and tax law.
During his professional experience, the lawyer Xhelili represented the Department of Public Administration both in court and in the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania.
He also held the role of representative of the Department of Public Administration for administrative procedures regarding ministerial inspection, as well as disciplinary procedures for managers of ministries.
The Lawyer. Xhelili, an Albanian native speaker, has an excellent knowledge of the Italian language and a good knowledge of the English language.